Monkey Mart

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About Monkey Mart

Monkey Mart is a mobile game but you can easily play it in computer. It is created and published by TinyDobbinsMobile. In this game you play as a monkey who is the operator of a supermarket. You have to grow your crops to grow your business. The game is a combination of passivity and management. It simply means that you can progress only when you play actively.

To play Monkey Mart game, you have to first grow a banana crop. You sow many types of crops in it. You can buy land, hire servants and upgrade them. Once the crops are grown, you can grow them again. Can and harvest them. The harvested crop can be sold in the market.

Customers will come to you quickly. They will be seen coming to your supermarket one after another and will buy whatever they want. You can also upgrade your supermarket which will increase the number of customers coming to your market as you As you progress in the game, new crops and items will be unlocked so that you can earn more money by giving more goods to customers.

Monkey Mart is a fun and addictive game that is suitable for players of all ages. If you are looking for a game that is challenging but rewarding, then Monkey Mart is the game for you.

To play this game, all the controls guide you again and again in the game, but still we tell you some important controls.

  • Tap: Tap on the ground to plant or harvest crops.
  • Catch: Put your finger on a crop or produce to sell to a customer.
  • Swipe: Swipe left or right to navigate markets.
  • Double Tap: Double tap on a crop or produce to speed up its growth.
  • Upgrade: Tap the Upgrade button to upgrade your supermarket.
  • Hire an Assistant: Tap the Assistant button to hire an assistant to help you manage your supermarket.

Enjoy this Game

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