Noob Miner – Escape from Prison

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About Noob Miner Escape from prison Game

Noob Miner – Escape From Prison is a 2d game developed by Platonov Dev. Created and Published by Here you play as a miner. In this game you are wrongly imprisoned and in this game you have to break the prison and escape. You have to dig to clear your name and escape from the security. And you will have to run from underground and also use your skills.

The game is set in a procedural dungeon so the gameplay is a bit different. You have to explore the dungeon as well as find keys and power ups and solve puzzles to advance in the game. You have to dodge the security and beware of getting caught if If you get caught you will have to start the level again and be careful going around the security dungeon as you progress in the game you will be able to unlock new tricks which will help you a lot in your escape and also you will get to know Why were you jailed and how do you clear your name?

Noob Miner – Escape From Prison game is like a mission and it is challenging and addictive game it will test your skills this game is very popular game you can play this game online for free through our website the pizza edition can play


Before understanding this game, it is important to know its control because you can play this game only when you know the control.

Controls for PC and Mac

  • WASD or arrow keys to move
  • Left click to mine a block/item
  • Right-click to place a block/item
  • To open/negotiate e-inventory
  • Esc to stop

Controls for mobile

  • left to move the joystick
  • Right joystick to mine blocks/items
  • Tap an empty space on the screen to place a block/item
  • You can also customize the controls in the game settings.

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