Raft Wars

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Raft Wars Game About

Raft Wars is a most popular boat 2d shooting game. It was developed by Game Facto Bilisim Anonim Sharketi and published on 29 July 2021. It is a battle fighting game, here you have to help your brother Simon from all types of enemies. Hog to protect the treasure. In the beginning you will be armed with a gun, a raft and some tennis balls, but you will also be able to unlock more powerful weapons like grenades and rockets. You can earn coins by placing strategic blocks and let your raft get bigger. Can be upgraded to make it more durable and faster

There are many levels in this game and you can play in many levels, in each level there will be a different group of enemies, you should always make big and accurate attacks on the enemy, and the enemy will also make big attacks on you, but you will have to aim right on your turn. You have to defeat them if you get hit by enemy attack you will be hurt and your health will be gone and sometimes the attack is so accurate that you will be killed in one shot and you will lose your level

You will finish the game after completing all the levels after which you can play and compete with other players in online multiplayer mode. Raft Wars is a fun and challenging game which will test your shooting skills. You can play it on desktop, mobile and web browser also which is completely free.

We tell you about all its simple and advanced controls with the help of which you can play this game very easily, so if you are facing some difficulty in playing then check all the controls carefully.

  • Movement: Use WASD KEYS to move your fleet.
  • Shooting: Use the mouse to aim and shoot your weapons.
  • Power Shot: Hold down the Shift key to charge a more powerful shot.
  • Grenade: Press the G key to throw a grenade.
  • Rocket: Press R key to launch a rocket.
  • Repair: Press the E key to repair your raft.
  • Change weapon: Press the Tab key to change weapon.
  • Pause: Press the Escape key to pause the game.
  • Use the mouse to aim your shots carefully. The more accurate your shots are, the more coins you will earn.
  • Use Power Shot to quickly eliminate enemies. However, it takes longer to charge, so use it wisely.
  • Grenades are a good weapon to eliminate groups of enemies. However, it can also damage your raft, so use it with caution.
  • Rocket is a powerful weapon that can kill enemies from a distance. However, it is also
  • the most expensive weapon, so use it sparingly.
  • Get your fleet repaired regularly to prevent it from sinking.
  • Swap weapons to find the most suitable weapon for the situation.

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