Raft Wars 2

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About Raft wars 2

Today we are going to provide you Raft Wars 2 game, let us tell you that Raft Wars 2 is a very popular action-packed shooting game, it has been created by Martijn Kunst, this is the second version of Raft Wars game. Then the game starts from here. Simon and his brother return from a nice vacation and find a water park at the top where they buried their treasure. Now they see that a park has been built on their treasure and their blood boils

Now in the game the two brothers go on a mission to get their treasure back. To do this you have to navigate the water park, shooting at waterslides, pools, lifeguards, security guards and anything that comes in your way. You will need to use your fleet and will need big weapons. Also, you will have to make strategies and place shorts so that you can collect some coins and with them you can buy bigger weapons.

The game will be played from a top-down perspective. This game is challenging and fun as well as rewarding and definitely worth your time.

View all its controls

  • Arrow keys: Move raft.
  • Spacebar: Shoot.
  • R: Reload weapon.
  • C: Change weapon.
  • P:Pause the game.
  • M: Toggle music.
  • S: Toggle sound effect.
    You can also customize the controls in the game settings.

Here are some usefull tips for using the controls

  • To keep the raft running smoothly, use the arrow keys to make small adjustments to its direction.
  • To aim accurately, hold down the spacebar and release it when you are aiming at the target.
  • To reload your weapon, press the R KEY.
  • Press C KEY to change weapon.
  • To pause play, press the P key.
  • To play music, press the M key.
  • To toggle sound effects, press the S key.

Enjoy this game have fun

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