Retro Bowl Football Game

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About Retro Bowl Game

Are you a fan of American football then Retro Bowl is a great game for you. Retro Bowl is a video game which was created and published by New Star Games. It is available for all devices. You can play it in any browser. and it’s a free game

The game is easy to play, it has simple controls, you can choose to attack or defend, but passive is the active form that you can control, if you have the football, you can pass the football to your friend, and on offense, you have to pass the football to your friend. The player must run or punt. This game has a simple roster system by which you can trade players. This game is free to play, but you can also make purchases in this game. Can Speed It is quite addictive game and it is appreciated for its graphics retro as well as attractive presentation

The controls of this game deserve attention because without them you cannot play this game, hence it is very important.

  • Move the Quarterback: Use the virtual joystick to move the quarterback around the field.
  • Pass the ball: Swipe in the direction you want to pass the ball. Double-tap to throw a bullet pass.
  • Run the ball: Tap the running back to make him run.
  • Punt the ball: Tap the punter to punt the ball.
  • Move players: Use the virtual joystick to move players around the field.
  • Tackle the ball carrier: Tap the ball carrier to tackle it.
  • Stop a pass: Tap a pass to stop it.
  • Call timeout: Swipe down to call timeout.

Here are some additional controls

If the football is over in your endzone you can kneel for a touch back and you will be at your 25 yard line.

To throw a bullet pass, hold down the pass button until the quarterback is finished and releases his power button.
You can tap your receivers to turn them into hotroutes so you’ll know where to run after the snap.

You can make coach adjustments allowing you to change your playcalling defensive formations and more

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