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About Rooftop Snipers Game

Rooftop Snipers is a very popular 2D shooting game with pixel art created and published by Neweichgames. In this you take control of a sniper on a rooftop. Your goal is to aim and shoot at your enemies to kill them. He will also do the same to you when it is over. You can play this game in both signal and multiplayer mode.

In the single mode of the game you choose to face off against Joker or Mr. You have to use the mouse and E button to shoot. You use the mouse to make your shots or aim and this game is a fast paced game if you want to survive in it then you have to speed up your game and You have to aim well and the environment is interactive so use the boxes and barrels to your advantage.

Rooftop Snipers is quite a fun, simple and challenging game and you can play it without any hesitation. It deserves to be your first choice if you want to play any shooting game. It is also a great way to test your reflexes and aim.

You have to take the help of these controls to play the game in this game, it can be useful for you, look carefully and use them

Controls for player 1

  • w-jump
  • e-shoot
  • player 2
  • i jump
  • o-shoot

Some more Controls

  • Esc – pause the game
  • R – restart game
  • M – toggle music
  • S – Toggle sound effect

You can customized your controls on settings

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